Wake Up the Box 2

Wake Up the Box 2, similarly to the Original, is an addictive strategy game based on physics and the Law of Gravity. Your task is to wake up the sleeping box – Mr. Box. You can push, pull, and drag him to wake him up.

Click Here to play Wake Up the Box 2

How to play

To wake up Mr. Box, you need to use the wooden objects provided (displayed at the top of your game screen) with the objects in the game area. Wood objects can only attach to other wood objects, so if you find metal or brick objects around, they will not work. Use the provided objects with the surroundings to build your way to waking up Mr. Box. This game can be tricky! What you think may happen, does not always happen that way. Use logic and your basic understanding of physics and the Law of Gravity to complete each level.

Wake Up the Box 2 has 30 levels to complete – that is 10 more levels than the original! All levels are equally difficult.


The only thing you need to play Wake Up the Box 2 is your mouse.


The only option available to players to adjust is the ability to mute the game’s music.

Cheats & Hacks

Some sites have hacked the game to provide you with all levels automatically unlocked.

Age Appropriate

As was the previous version, Wake Up the Box 2 is appropriate for children of all ages. However, children under the age of eight may find playing the game a little difficult due to the strategy skills needed to complete each level.