Wake Up the Box 6 Walkthrough

Wake Up the Box 6 is part of a long “family” of Wake Up the Box games, developed by Armor Games. Wake Up the Box 6 is an addictively fun game that tests your artistic and strategic thinking skills.

Levels 1 through 5

Levels 1 through 5 are designated as the “tutorial” phase. In this phase, you will learn what you need to do in order to wake up Mr. Box. Mr. Box is a very sleepy box, and he can be quite difficult to wake up at times. You need to create ways that will wake him up! To do this, you will need to use the provided shapes to create machines and other tools to use to wake him up. These levels will teach you everything you need to know. By the time you have completed these first 5 levels, you should have enough game coins saved up to unlock the next shape available in the Coin Shop.

Levels 6 through 35

By the time you have reached level 6, you have learned enough about the game to successfully complete the rest of the levels. Each level gets harder from here! If you have not accumulated enough coins to purchase the next shape (which you will need in order to complete level 6), you can easily replay the previous levels to receive more coins, until you have unlocked the item.

Some of these levels may surprise you. Some levels throughout the rest of the game can be as simple as answering 5 trivia questions – while others can be more tricky like building a rollercoaster car to push Mr. Box until he has woken up.

You can click here to play Wake Up the Box 6


Wake Up the Box 6 features the ability to share your scores with your friends on Facebook. In addition, you can also challenge them to the mini-game.

Build Off Bonus

Once you complete level 10, you instantly unlock the Build Off Bonus mini-game. In this mini-game, you can challenge your friends on Facebook to build the highest, strongest tower. The highest tower built is the winner. Based upon your score, you will receive coins, which you can then spend in the Coin Shop.